North American
 Mudi Alliance

Mudi Club Overview

As a worldwide Mudi dog breed club, affiliated with the United Kennel Club (UKC) the North American Mudi Alliance (NAMA) promises to promote, improve, and advance this breed worldwide. To provide guidelines for breeders and owners in maintaining the health and quality of the Mudi breed as well as aid our members in attaining invaluable dog support within our club. Engage and support members to exhibit and show, using the Mudi dog breed standard established and approved by the UKC. Assist owners in gaining breed and performance titles within the UKC and other organizations, as well as encouraging camaraderie and welcoming enthusiasts to the Mudi breed with enthusiasm.

Mudi Club Mission

Our mission is to promote responsibility and universal progression over individual gain, in maintaining the health and quality of the Mudi breed. Provide valuable information and resources to the Mudi community, while encouraging good sportsmanship and honorableness.

Mudi Club Goals

Our goal is to serve and protect the Mudi dog breed while maintaining UKC affiliation as the Mudi National Breed Club (rare breed). To educate all prospective and current Mudi owners and breeders, and the public about the Mudi dog breed to include breeding, training, and ownership.


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