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As an Owner you assume the lifelong caretaking of a diverse and energetic dog, you need to be mentors for the breed by willingly sharing your knowledge and experience related to Mudi and information related to participation in dog sports and activities with others.

  1. At the minimum our members will provide the proper care and a clean, safe environment for all dogs on the premises, which includes at a minimum:

    1. Preventative veterinary care for dogs and veterinary care when sick or injured

    2. Indoor spaces with protection from extreme temperatures

    3. Outdoor access when temperatures are safe for specific breed of dog

    4. Appropriate daily food and water (in accordance with breed, age, reproductive status, and size)

  2. Never sell, place, or consign any Mudi to a commercial facility, business, or agent thereof.

  3. Never relinquish a Mudi to an animal shelter.

  4. Conduct all business dealings related to the breeding or the placement of puppies/dogs with honesty, completeness and clarity; and advertise honestly in a manner that is in no way misleading or fraudulent.

  5. Assume lifelong responsibility for any and all puppies their Mudi produce.

  6. Conduct business with a comprehensive written contract to avoid misconceptions and confusion at the time of the transaction and in the future.

  7. Supply all puppy buyers a copy of this Code of Ethics to anyone with whom a puppy/adult dog is placed unless they are already a member of NAMA.

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