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How UKC Top 10 points are earned.

Section 1a. Top Ten Breed Points.
Top Ten Breed points are automatically awarded at all UKC licensed regular Conformation events to each Best of Breed (BOB) winner, who receives one point for each dog defeated in breed competition if there are at least two dogs of any sex entered and shown in that breed.


Section 1b. Top Ten Group Points.

Top Ten Group points are automatically awarded to the 1st thru 4th group placements at each UKC-licensed regular confirmation event. The Group's 1st place winner will receive one point for each dog defeated from within the entire group. The Groups 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place winners will each receive one point for each dog defeated within the entire group minus the number of dogs in the breed(s) awarded higher group placements.


Example: Gun Dog Group (21 entries, no absences)

Barbet: 1 Entry

Golden Retriever: 6 Entries

German Shorthaired Pointer: 6 Entries

Labrador Retriever: 4 Entries

Portuguese Water Dog: 4 Entries

Group's 1st place winner – Barbet will receive 20 points

Group's 2nd place winner – Golden Retriever will receive 19 points

Group's 3rd place winner – German Shorthaired Pointer will receive 13 points

Group's 4th place winner – Labrador Retriever will receive 7 points

UKC Mudi Brags - Top 10 & Titles

We are so excited about the Mudi competing and achieving titles within the UKC. 

We will continue to get a listing of Mudi's with titles yearly.


Titles appear as they existed at that time. of June 2022 and will be updated yearly.

Congrats "Axl" #1 for 2022

Top Mudi over the Years

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