NAMA Mudi Specialty & Event Week 2022

We are pleased to announce our 2022 North American Mudi Alliance (NAMA) Breed Specialty, held in Conjunction with the Carolina All Breed Association (CABA) conformation show.

During this week we will provide clinics and seminars in addition to the Conformation and Performance events held during the show.

Event Forms

If registering for the Mudi Specialty, please:

  1. Fill out both CABA Conformation & NAMA Specialty forms

  2. Fees will go to both CABA & Nama
    follow CABA mail instructions below 

  3. Email CABA forms, as shown below

  4. Scan & email NAMA Specialty form, see below instructions

If qualifying for Total Dog (see description below)

  1. Fill out both CABA Conformation & CABA Performance forms

  2. Check the Total Dog box in both forms

CABA Show Events:

Pre-Entry Deadline: forms received By March 25, 2022

Mail Instructions: mail completed CABA forms and payment to:
   Gayle C Riggins
   P.O. Box 513
   King, NC 27021

NAMA Sponsored Events:

Scan completed form and email to:

* Register & pay online here for other NAMA Events

UKC Registration Number Links & Information

Register My Dog home page with overall Information. Questions? This site has an amazing response time with their chat, to answer any UKC question you may have.

Purebred Dogs: Single Registration: 
($35, with 4-6 weeks processing time)

Temporary Listing Number: TL Numbers

($20, receive within 10 minutes)

Mix-bred & Unknown Pedigree: Performance Listing

($20, with 4-6 weeks processing time)


Location of Events

Brylin Obedience Specialty School,
416-D W King St,
King, NC

Event Fees


* Register & pay online here for NAMA Events

NAMA Evaluations  ($10 per evaluation)

NAMA will be providing the following evaluations
during the week:


* UKC SPOT Program the SPOT program offers owners a chance to prove that their dog is a well-behaved asset to their community. The SPOT program consists of 10 separate testing stations. At each station, the dog must perform a basic exercise.

UKC Total Dog: Total Dog is a way to showcase dogs who look and perform equally well. To earn a Total Dog award, dogs must qualify in both conformation and an eligible performance event on the same day.

* Register & pay online here for NAMA Events


NAMA - Specialty | *Requires UKC registration number, Mudi breed only


Link: UKC Event page for NAMA


Mudi Breed Specialty, April 8th 2:00 pm
Additional Classes of Novice Puppy

Event Information

CABA - Conformation | $28, per show | *Requires UKC registration number


Link: UKC Event Page for Carolina All Breed Association (CABA)


Conformation (Altered Conformation, Junior Showmanship), Dock Jumping, Precision Coursing, Weight Pull, SPOT Evaluations


NAMA - Disc Seminar | $50, per spot April 7 (audit $25)(1 scholarship spot available), all breed

Join us and support the club learning the foundations of frisbee! Intro to throwing (no dogs) | Mechanics | Foundation Throws | Foundations for Dog Success | Go Around | Out | Hand Offs | Bite work | Criteria for a Catch | Multiple Disc Intro to Freestyle | How to Tricks | Age-Appropriate Tricks | Flow

Ellie Stivers (Performer & Manager at The Canine Stars) comes to us from St Louis, MO. She is a 2-time world champion in disc, a freestyle state champion, a multiple time world finalist with a variety of different dogs and has helped disc teams internationally. Ellie has been competing in disc since she was 15 years old with her border collie and now, a decade later, she has excelled with a variety of different dogs of various breeds, mixes, sizes, strengths, and weaknesses.



NAMA - Dog Puller Clinic | $10, per dog April 6 | * Requires a set of pullers, click here to find the correct size for your pet, , all breed

Dog Puller is a dog sport created in the Ukraine in 2012; it is a relatively new sport whose popularity is growing. It develops speed and coordination between dog and handler, but the main principle of Dog Puller is Accessibility. The exercises are deliberately created to allow any dog or person to start their training regardless of the breed, disabilities or fitness level.

Tina Popham comes from Clemson, SC and partnered with Sergio and Varvara personally to get the USA Dog Pullers registered with the National Federation. Her goal is to establish this Dog Sport in the US and be able to offer competitions throughout the US. It's an easy sport and dogs of every size and shape enjoy it. Once we are fully established, we hope to offer to Host the World Championship here in the US. 


CABA - Rally Obedience (UKC) | $25, 2 trials April 7 (Level 1 - Master) | *Requires UKC registration number, all breed
Links: UKC Rally Obedience page2022 Rally Obedience Rulebook.pdf

The overall purpose of Rally is to allow all handlers, regardless of physical abilities, and all dogs, regardless of physical structure, to have the opportunity to participate and to experience success in Rally.

​A Rally performance is an uninterrupted presentation by the dog and handler without direction from the judge. The exercise used in Rally are arranged randomly to encourage a natural approach to the performance. The overall performance should convey fun, enthusiasm, and the ability of the dog-handler pair to work as a team.


CABA - Dock Jumping (UKC) | $20, per splash | *Requires UKC registration number, all breed
Links: UKC Dock Jumping page2020_Dock_Jumping_Rulebook.pdf

  • Splashes will be broken into groups of approximately equal size based on the number of entries. 

  • Handlers may jump up to three of their splashes back-to-back while on the dock.

  • Each dog and handler team will have 2 jumps per splash.

  • The larger distance between the two jumps will be recorded as the score. 


CABA - Precision Coursing (UKC) | $15, per trial | *Requires UKC registration number, all breed

Links: UKC Precision Coursing Page


The purpose of Precision Coursing® is to elicit the dog’s natural prey drive and chasing instincts. Precision Coursing® will give dogs an opportunity to learn patterned courses that become increasingly complex. Courses will test a dog’s speed, agility, and foresight.

Collars. The dog may wear a flat collar that buckles, or snaps closed. Collars must properly fit the dog and be approved by the judge. Collar tags that are not attached or riveted directly to the collar, or any items hanging from the collar are prohibited. Fancy, studded, pinch or prong collars, harnesses (head and body), or any type of special training collars are prohibited in the Precision Coursing® ring.

Ineligibility of Dogs. Dogs with these conditions are ineligible to compete in a Precision Coursing® trial: • Dogs less than 1 year of age on the day of the trial • Blind dogs • Lame dogs • Dogs that appear to be ill • Pregnant or lactating females • Females in season • Dogs that have sutures, bandages, adhesive or any other material that is indicative of or related to any surgical or medical procedure


CABA - Weight Pull (UKC) | $28, per pull | *Requires UKC registration number, all breed

Links: UKC Weight Pull page & Weight Pull Rulebook.pdf


Weight pull competition tests a dog’s strength and stamina based on the dog’s ability to pull a maximum amount of weight 16 feet within 60 seconds