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Thank you for applying to the North American Mudi Alliance (NAMA)!

As a club, the North American Mudi Alliance promises to promote good sportsmanship and collective progression over individual gain, as well as aid our membership in attaining invaluable support within our club. This can include but is not limited to gaining titles and awards within the United Kennel Club, promoting fellowship, and welcoming fanciers to the breed with vigor. ​

To complete our Membership duties, we promise:

  • To enter, compete, and support, wherever possible, the various events where it is suitable to the Mudi breed while maintaining good sportsmanship.

  • To release unbiased information in the pursuit of healthy breeding regarding the Mudi breed, as well as any information that would be useful to breeders, owners, etc.

  • To maintain a quarterly report of the North American Mudi Alliance’s membership, ownership, and achievements within the club and any accomplishments attained by our membership outside the club.

  • To encourage thoughtful and healthy breeding based on science, training, and good spirit competitiveness of the club and those outside our membership, remaining inclusive to all.

  • To dismiss from our membership without hesitation those who violate the written bylaws and the principles of good sportsmanship, including fair and honest conduct laid out by the club.

To apply for membership, please complete the form below to review your application!

To become a Member, please follow the below steps:

  1. First, read the complete Code of Ethics.

  2. Read the club Constitution and Bylaws.

  3. Finally, fill out the below Membership form.

Membership Form

Thank you for choosing to apply to the North American Mudi Alliance (NAMA)! We are a group/community of dedicated owners and breeders who are focused on preserving and furthering the Mudi.

To apply for membership, please fill out the form below:

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