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The health of the Mudi breed is of utmost importance to sustaining the gene pool and building towards a better future for the breed as a whole.

Mudi are usually very healthy, but problems in the breed do include Epilepsy, Luxating Patella's, Hip Dysplasia, Skin Disorders and Cataracts.  It is important to ensure that the parents of your new puppy have been tested for most of these genetic diseases.  There is no test currently for epilepsy, but your breeder will have knowledge of your dog’s pedigree along with the associated risk for epilepsy.  Unfortunately, a lot is not spoken about epilepsy and thus knowledge is learned from others rather than being put out into the open.

Members will have access to a future North American Mudi Alliance Health Database, which prides itself on maintaining an open-source database for all those who are interested in submitting and viewing.


Mudi Directions is a blog that covers health and other topics that involve the Mudi breed?
Mudi Directions

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