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Mudi Breeders Listing

Mudi Breeders listed below are members and have agreed to abide by the North American Mudi Alliance (NAMA) Code of Ethics (COE).

In searching for a Mudi dog or breeder, take your time to do the research. At a minimum:

  1. Learn About the Mudi.

  2. Meet a Mudi.

  3. Ensure the breeder follows a code of ethics

Then, to follow up, do your Research, Research, Research; there are many articles on buying a puppy or dog. 

NAMA does not endorse these listings; they are "as is" and at the discretion of the NAMA board.

Graves Farm Mudi

Mudi breeder is located in Valley Mills, TX.


We offer top-quality Mudis with a versatile, focused program striving to produce dogs that excel in sports and shows. Our dogs work hard, play hard, love hard, and are part of the family. We take pride in our program and pour all of our love into the well-being of our parent dogs and pups.

WODAN Kennels

We are a small kennel that strives to produce healthy dogs with good working temperaments. We pride ourselves on our ability to raise stable puppies. Our puppies do well in families active in sports and other activities. Our passion for our dogs is evident in all that we do, and we encourage you to reach out and talk to us about our dogs, pedigrees, and upcoming litters. 

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