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Mudi DePTHS Award

Mudi DePTHS Award Requirements

The Mudi DePTHS program recognizes the merit of balanced dogs who meet specific goals in Performance, Temperament, Health, and, Structure. Additionally, this award acknowledges dogs who blend form and function, emphasizing the Mudi breed's versatile nature.

These dogs will receive a certificate, medal, and the NAMA award of DePTHS.

To receive this award, a dog must meet the following requirements:

  1. Performance: receive a qualifying score at a dog performance/sports event. We will review the event to determine if it will qualify; most dog performance/sports events will qualify except for the following (UKC Novice Precision Coursing and the Nosework Odor Recognition Test), which do not qualify.

  2. Temperament: Accomplish one of the following titles:

    1. UKC SPOT and SPOT-ON

    2. AKC CGC and ATT

    3. AKC Farm Dog

  3. Health: Have all of the following tests completed with a normal, good, or above rating:

    1. DNA​

    2. One of the following Hip exams:

      1. OFA Hip @ 2 years of age or older

      2. PennHip @ 16 weeks of age or older

    3. OFA Patella @ 1 year or older

    4. OFA Elbow prelim @ 1 year or full @ 2-years or older

    5. OFA Eye (only one required)

  4. Structure: Accomplish the United Kennel Club's (UKC) conformation title of Champion (CH).​


Mudi DePTHS Dogs

List of Dogs with the DePTHS award and Date Achieved.

Mudi DePTHS Award Request

The following form provides the information required to receive the DePTHS award. There will be a $25 overhead fee to cover the cost of providing this award.

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