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Mudi Trait & Health Survey

The North American Mudi Alliance (NAMA) is dedicated to promoting responsibility and universal progression over individual gain in maintaining the health and quality of the Mudi breed. In addition, providing valuable information and resources to the Mudi community while encouraging good sportsmanship and honorableness.

To facilitate these efforts, we would love your participation in providing information we can use in this public Mudi database. General information and statistics will be available for everyone, While individual dog information or personal information will be visible only if the public option is selected for visibility. No personal information on the owner or dog will ever be disclosed without your permission.

Please fill out the following dog trait and health.

Privacy Setting:
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We will be happy to enter the dog's registration information, just upload a copy of that for us.

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Mudi Breed Trait Statistics

These will assist us with any future Mudi Breed standard changes.

Body Coat Length:

Mudi Breed Standard Statistics

These can be filled in after the dog is over two years old or when you think they are fully grown. These will assist us with any future Mudi Breed standard changes.

(Chest to Rear)

(Withers to Ground)

Does your Dog have any of the following Health or Temperament issues?

Other Health Issues:
Temperament Extremes of:
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Mudi Health Tests

NAMA recommends, at a minimum, having the following health tests. Please indicate which of your tests may be on the OFA site or upload your tests.

  1. OFA Hip or PennHip

  2. OFA Patella

  3. OFA Elbow

  4. OFA Eye

  5. DNA (Embark or Wisdom)

The following tests are posted on OFA:

If you accomplish all five tests and have the expected results, this will fulfill the 
Health requirements for the
Mudi DePTHS award.


Please send your non OFA results in the same email as your titles if your test results are not posted on OFA:

Mudi DePTHS Award Requirements

The Mudi DePTHS award is comprised of 4 specific goals that we believe make an exceptional animal:

  1. Performance

  2. Temperament

  3. Health

  4. Structure


You can find complete details on this award and program by visiting the following page: Mudi DePTHS

Please email your title certificates that complete your Performance, Temperament, and Structure goals:

  1. Conformation Title

  2. Temperament Title

  3. Performance Title


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